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So you think you have a verruca? Don't Panic!

I had a verruca for about two years. I just could not get rid of it. I searched the internet for solutions, but found two types of websites. Those that wanted to sell me their product and those that gave the generic medical advice that I already knew!

What I needed was a site containing unbiased, independant and up to date information and advice. After a while I realised that such a site did not exist. So I made one myself. You will see I have included links to our partners at Amazon, to help pay for the upkeep of the site, but I can honestly say that no one brand appears to be any better than any other - it is the generic active ingredients that seem to do the job. You will also notice that I have, wherever possible, included links to the various clinical studies that have been carried out on verrucas. I understand how frustating it is to land on websites that talk about theories without the evidence to back the claims up. 

Our treatments page explores the many ways to deal with a verruca, from the methods used by your local hospital to the more 'curious' ideas.

Our information page looks at the verruca in more detail, with articles on diagnosing them to whether you should go swimming if you have one.

I hope you find the site useful. If there is something you want explored in more detail, please email the team at the link at the bottom of the page. Good luck!


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